Shadow Eden - Shadow Eden

(CD 2010, 21:58, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Your Attention Please
  2- Chill
  3- Book Of Mirrors
  4- The Messenger
  5- Avalanche
  6- Cody

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Being a guitar freak, I'm always keen on discovering new guitar players. This time I've got the self-financed and self-promoted debut mini-album of the American band Shadow Eden to review. Shadow Eden is an all-instrumental power trio blending progressive rock, rock and metal with fusion and jazzy elements. This promising trio isn't just grouped around their guitar player David Mercado, but the strength of this band is in the combination of the three gifted musicians. Bass player Kenny Weydener and drummer Kenny Lane aren't just responsible for impressive back beats for the guitarist's showcase, but they also show impressive playing on their own instruments. Having supported shredder Joe Stump, Steve Vai's Dave Weiner and one of my personal favourites Rob Balducci, I think Shadow Eden will find its way to all guitar devotees.

The first song Your Attention Please immediately shows how these guys work together. It's a powerful song in the vein of Joe Satriani. Next song Chill shows what I stated before. Listen to the funky bass lines that draw the most attention on this relaxed and groovy composition. Nice metal bass sounds and power drumming can be heard in The Book Of Mirrors supporting fast guitar work showing the precision and speed of Dave Mercado's fingers. We hear a cool and mellow opening in The Messenger with a superb bass line. The drums fill in the gaps, syncopating in an impressive way, while the guitar provides this composition with an oriental touch. Showing a bit more of the fusion side Avalanche proves these guys not to be moderate musicians. When you listen closely you sometimes recognize Al DiMeola. Cody is in general a power metal piece, but in combination with hints of Michal Fath, this song intrigues to the end.

Unfortunately this mini-album lasts only 22 minutes. I would like to hear more music of Shadow Eden, but as a first impression I think this eponymous debut will lead to a bright future for these talented musicians. In my opinion the strength of Shadow Eden is in the songs: no regular guitar virtuoso compositions, but songs with a twist. Very well done!

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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