Seeking Raven -
The Ending Collage

(CD 2016, 54:29 Dr. Music Promotions)

The tracks:
The Ending Collage:
  1- Road To The City(3:53)
  2- Requiem(4:44)
  3- River Lethe(1:47)
  4- A Second Chance(3:42)
  5- Rose(1:12)
  6- The High Art Of Flying(5:40)
  7- It's Okay(7:15)
  8- Summer Days(3:38)
  9- Vanishing Of The Little People(3:33)
10- Dance Darling Dance(4:47)
11- Truth(2:51)
12- I The Raven(3:38)
13- Brave New World(3:27)
14- The Movie's End(4:15)

Seeking Raven - Lonely Art

(CD 2012, 52:20, W.A.R. Productions)

The tracks:
Lonely Art:
  1- Searching For Those Eyes(5:32)
  2- Lonely Art(4:40)
  3- Becoming A Hermit(3:25)
  4- Untold Stories(4:12)
  5- Rising Sun(3:42)
  6- Momo The Woodfire(4:11)
  7- Sad Clockwork(3:24)
  8- Mother Of All(4:15)
  9- Prelude Of Truth(4:16)
10- Chaos Town(4:03)
11- Seven Fountains(6:48)
12- The Last Walz(3:50)

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The Ending Collage and Lonely Art are two albums released by Seeking Raven, the band around multi instrumentalist JŠnos Krusenbaum. A talented musician the man is for sure, playing most of the instruments on the album himself, and taking care of the vocals as well.

The music on 2016's The Ending Collage is a mix of rock, folk and even metal. In press information and reviews by others, influences mentioned are Pain Of Salvation and Opeth, but unfortunately Seeking Raven never reaches the composition level of those bands. The compositions are a bit messy, jumping from style to style and mood to mood too often for my taste. Adding to that the slightly annoying vocals of Krusenbaum, the album is certainly not what it could have been. The musical skills are there, but the vocals and the compositions are lacking. A pity, because the concept behind the album, a dying world replaced by a new one, was strong enough to create a better fitting musical collage. After the first half of the track The Truth, I decided enough is enough.

Lonely Art was Seeking Raven's debut, released 4 years before The Ending Collage. It is a slightly heavier album (on CDDB it is even tagged as metal), and contains traces of jazz and folk, as the band also indicates in their press material. Becoming The Hermit even contains a slightly funky bass/ guitar line, not unlike Pain of Salvation's People Passing By, but cannot hold up to that level of that track. Softer, almost classical piano pieces are also included, showing (just like on The Ending Collage) that Krusenbaum and his friends are capable musicians, but the album is even more incoherent in composition than their second album.

**+ / **+ Angelo Hulshout (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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