Section A - Sacrifice

(CD 2010, 48:37, Lion Music LMC285)

The tracks:
  1- Sacrifice(3:42)
  2- Room with a view(4:47)
  3- Lionheart(4:56)
  4- Land Of The Desert Sun(6:22)
  5- Concealed In Lies(4:29)
  6- Intoxicated(4:13)
  7- Heroes(4:21)
  8- Days Of Sorrow(4:38)
  9- Danger(5:05)
10- The City Is Falling(6:04)

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The Danish rock band Section A return after an absence of four years with a third album called Sacrifice. This album is much heavier and more dynamic than its two AOR-oriented predecessors. This time the songs are much faster and more energetic, but itís still melodic hard rock with some metal elements. The fact that the sound is heavier may be due to new drummer Thomas Heintzelmann, who continually tortures his double bass drums. Some of the songs sound like Dream Theater in their early days, but if you listen carefully youíll hear some Europe-influences as well. The vocals of Andy Engberg (ex- Lion's Share) are extremely powerful and clear and are comparable to great voices of rock like Russel Allen or Jorn Lande. Furthermore, the album features a lot of excellent guitar and keyboard solos, so there is no time to get bored. The direct, powerful sound and the excellent production will do the rest. So, all in all a great effort by Section A and I dare to say that Sacrifice is their best album sofar. My favourite songs: Land Of The Desert Sun and The City Is Falling. Play at maximum volume!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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