Seasonal -
Loneliness Manual

(CD 2015, 57:39, ‎Lynx Music- LM103CD)

The tracks:
  1- Fading Spark(4:55)
  2- To Keep Yourself Together(7:19)
  3- Deserted Bus Stop(2:49)
  4- An Exit From Modern Society(7:50)
  5- Loop(6:18)
  6- Experience(4:08)
  7- Orchard Of Rotten Apples(4:58)
  8- To Chase A Dream(4:23)
  9- Dark Woods(6:37)
10- March Of Nobodies(4:07)
11- To Chase A Dream(4:17)

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This quite productive instrumentalist, Maciej Sochoń released this album a year ago on Bandcamp. In the meantime there are 2 follow ups to this CD but nonetheless I will try to get you acquainted with this one. It's an instrumental work which Maciej stated will take you on a journey through everyday life. It will lift your imagination to everything you do in your daily routine. And when you stop and think about the things you do, like making a cup of coffee, how it can make you intensely enjoy that moment. The CD is not mainly electronic, it also lets you hear some Gilmour-like guitars. Track 6, Experience, sounds very familiar to me, but I can't place it. I cracked my skull on it. It has a friendly guitar loop in it, which is the theme of the song. It builds up and other guitars spin around it. It doesn't have a real climax, but it's very easy to listen to. The last track is the only one with an added vocalist. It adds an extra dimension to Maciej's music. Piotr Trypus has got a calm and soothing voice that aligns with the music. All in all it's an entertaining CD but it can be a bit boring by the end as much of it sounds a bit the same in the long run. I think Piotr can make a difference.

***+ Erik van Os (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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