Schober's Cabinet -
It's In The Wrong Envelope

(CD 2012, 41:04, Bam Balam Records BBCD015)

The tracks:
It's In The Wrong Envelope Suite:
         - 1. Opening The Envelope
         - 2. The Tableau Of Contents
         - 3. Peach Preserves
         - 4. Assaulted Styroform Peanuts
         - 5. A single Greasy Spoon
         - 6. Döbereiner's Lamp
         - 7. Molasses
         - 8. Pots Hpargelet Eht
         - 9. A Nice Day For A Package
10- Tables

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Schober's Cabinet is a Canadian duo comprising Denis Stockhausen von Ulm (guitars, bass, organ, vocals) and Zach Ryl (percussion). It's In The Wrong Envelope is their debut album. I think fans of the early Pink Floyd will definitely like this album. It sounds a lot like the second Floyd album A Saucerful Of Secrets (1968). Schober's Cabinet used the original vintage instruments such as the typical sounding Farfisa organ, and some techniques of the late sixties like playing the guitar with a cigarette lighter and backward played tapes. At the time this kind of psychedelic music sounded unearthly and new, but in 2013 it sounds nostalgic and outdated. It just has a different starting point: in the sixties musicians discovered unexplored musical areas by creating new music, while currently it's an attempt to capture the atmosphere of far-off days. However, the album's title is very appropriate for the cover. They have made great efforts to sound like a sixties band, but the cover doesn't look typical at all for that era.

** Erik Gibbels (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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