Sarah Perrotta -
Blue To Gold

(CD 2021, 39:12, Third Star Records)

The tracks:
  1- The Other Side(4:25)
  2- Echo Of Joy(4:55)
  3- The Wilderness(4:13)
  4- Firestorm(2:48)
  5- Heartbeat(3:50)
  6- Spectrum Of Color(4:47)
  7- Blue To Gold(4:21)
  8- Don't You Stop(4:34)
  9- Circles(5:15)

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Who is this lady on the cover of the album Blue To Gold. A cover which reminded me of the great album covers of Roxy Music. You can easily compare it for example to the girl on the band's debut album or the woman on the Stranded album. Her name is Sarah Perrotta and she looks like the sleeping beauty. Known from a well known Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Well to be honest Sarah is a New York-based singer and keyboardist who is rather unknown in the progressive rock scene. That she is a gifted musicians is not so strange if you know that she comes from a family of musicians. You have to know that she already started as a child playing the piano. Furthermore as an adolescent she sang in a choir and studied classical piano. Blue To Gold is her fourth album after the releases of Tonight, The Well and Drink The Sky.

When it comes to her albums, she seems to be a perfectionist who leaves nothing to chance. For her fourth album she has managed to get Jerry Marrotta (ex Peter Gabriel Band) on the album as a drummer, bassist and producer. A total of around fifteen musicians worked on the album. The list is almost endless. She even included a string ensemble, got Tony Levin to play on the bass as well. Well that's what are friends for if you have Jerry Marrotta to produce the album. Perrotta is not only a strong solo singer but also in harmony with other singers and her own voice also shines.

On her latest album not only her lush vocals and melodic piano playing can be heard. She managed to utilizes a variety of keyboards and synths including the Mellotron, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Moog, and even a toy piano. The steady masterful drumming of Jerry Marotta sets the foundation for Sarah Perrotta's captivating voice and songwriting that's for sure

Sarah explains the meaning behind her new album, "To transform struggle into something of value and beauty. The songs are each like a prayer or meditation for me based on relationships and life experience. Topics include the awe and selflessness of parenthood, transition, embracing our primitive dark side, rising above conflict, not wanting a good thing to end, being open to following dreams, finding unity amid misunderstanding, a tribute to a friend who died suddenly, to live life fully and the cyclical beauty of it all."

Sarah's high voice is used with great feeling and could appeal to all those music lovers who have a weakness for female singers who have a certain proximity to progressive rock, pop and rock. It's obvious that in the more intimate passages for piano and voice, Tori Amos and Kate Bush might come to mind. On the other hand Blue to Gold will appeal to listeners of Heather Nova and Happy Rhodes as well.

A very enjoyable album if you're into a mix of to progressive rock, pop, rock, singer-songwriter and like the music made the ladies mentioned above. And most of all if like your daily music not too complicated. Judge for yourself after listening to her Bandcamp first. Maybe you will enjoy it as much as I did. But don't expect progressive rock with lots of Hammond organs, Minimoogs and Mellotrons. If you want them look further!

*** Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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