Ruby Dawn - Beyond Tomorrow

(CD 2023, 72:25, Progressive Gears)

The tracks:
  1- Save The Day(5:34)
  2- Star On You(5:55)
  3- Break Down(6:02)
  4- Mirror Of Your Life(6:03)
  5- Dances On Mars(5:44)
  6- Stonewall(6:37)
  7- Man Where's Your Heart(5:21)
  8- Save Me(4:28)
  9- Heaven's Angels(6:17)
10- Into The Sun(10:17)
11- Other Side(5:17)
12- Dust And Fire(4:50)


Ruby Dawn is an English progressive rock band that formed in 2021. They are no strangers to the live UK music scene, especially at festivals - and Beyond Tomorrow is their debut album. The four piece comprises Carola Baer on keyboards and vocals; Dave Salsbury on guitars; Ian Turner on bass guitar and additional keyboards, and Adam J Parry on drums.

Baer is very much the band's soul, writing all the lyrics to the songs, all of which have environmental and humanitarian themes running through them. And it is her distinctive, expressive voice which is the songs' messenger, her range enabling her to sound like Heart's Ann Wilson and the US folk singer Melanie Safka, whose biggest hit, co-incidentally, was Ruby Tuesday in the early 70s.

The passion and intensity with which Baer delivers her lyrics is a revelation, and it is around her that the band carefully construct some gorgeous, often understated instrumentation.
Of particular note is the opener Save The Day, that steadily builds throughout, leading into a resonant guitar solo from Salsbury. His guitars are much more understated throughout Star On You. Dances On Mars ups the tempo while Stonewall continues the more rhythmic side of their music with its insistent beat. There's a more spiritual edge to the later songs on Beyond Tomorrow, notably the more ethereal swelling melody on Heaven's Angels and the sitar sounds on Into The Sun, giving it a distinctly Eastern feel.

This is an impressive debut by Ruby Dawn and solidifies its growing reputation as being one of the most thoughtful of the current bands around.

**** Alison Reijman

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