Roz Vitalis - Revelator

(CD 2011, 45:59, Mals Records MALS 374)

The tracks:
  1- Revelator(5:12)
  2- Warm Tuesday(3:57)
  3- Deadlock of the Deceiver(4:07)
  4- Painsadist (hit version)(3:25)
  5- Underfrog(7:09)
  6- Midwinter Tulips(2:08)
  7- La Combattimento Spirituale(6:29)
  8- Persecuted(10:14)
  9- Silver Melting(2:57)

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Imagine an album full of those instrumental intermezzo's The Residents are used to put on their records. Now I love those weirdo eyeballs, but these small pieces of music I always found extremely boring: doodles, a cacophony of sounds without any point. So why for heaven's sake does the Russian group Roz Vitalis think it's a good idea to put these 'compositions' - I wouldn't call them songs - on more than half their album, in extended length on top of this? I'm sorry but this makes for one boring record. This is a shame because the handful regular tracks reveal a group which is able to play quite nicely, a bit in the vein of RIO-groups like for instance Karda Estra. No, I'm afraid Roz Vitalis won't make many friends among the readers of Background Magazine with this release.

*- André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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