Robert Schroeder -
Fata Morgana

(CD 2019, 65:45, Spheric Music SMCD 2040)

The tracks:
  1- Binary Streams(7:53)
  2- Virtual Traps(11:06)
  3- Cybercrime(7:43)
  4- Web Faces(13:32)
  5- Digital Identities(6:48)
  6- Dangerous Clicks(10:10)
  7- The Berlin Code(8:31)

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In 1979 German electronic music musician Robert Schroeder released his debut a album entitled Harmonic Ascendant (on Klaus Schulze famous IC label), now anno 2019 the label Spheric Music releases his 40th album entitled Fata Morgana, in 40 years!

The seven tracks deliver pleasant spacey electronic music atmospheres, often with obvious hints from the Berlin School (Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream) but also with elements from Jean Michel Jarre (final part of Cybercryme and in Digital Identities). Robert Schroeder is a fan of the Mini Moog so we can enjoy lots of synthesizer runs on this distinctive vintage gear. But also wonderful layers of Mellotron choirs, and of course the unsurpassed electronic music sound of the sequencers, especially in Cybercrime (slow and hypnotizing), Dangerous Clicks (pulsating) and in the highlight The Berlin Code (fat sound, wonderfully blended with the Mellotron choirs). A bit of variety in the opener Binary Streams featuring a Floydian guitar sound, and percussion (conga sound) and opera-like female voices in Web Faces.

A pleasant electronic music album, no more or less.

*** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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