Rob Cottingham -
Back Behind The Orchard Tree

(CD 2019, 52:05, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Hear Me(4:30)
  2- Invisible Man(8:37)
  3- Phoenix(5:44)
  4- Catch It If You Can(1:33)
  5- Hero(4:36)
  6- All We've Done(4:35)
  7- Find Me(10:39)
  8- Hear Me (Reprise)(1:59)
  9- Out Of Time(5:43)
10- Hero (Orchestral Version)(4:04)

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OK, you record an album in 2001/2002 and then in 2019 you reproduce it and expect to get great reviews? Well, maestro Rob Cottingham (Touchstone and CAIRO) did it and what a stellar job he did. His album Back Behind The Orchard Tree is pure ear candy. Raving reviews all over. Like this one!

Rob re-recorded this album in his own studio and in the Outhouse Studio with one of my favorite musicians and producers: the fantastic John Mitchell (Kino, Frost*, Arena, It Bites and Lonely Robot). John's guitar work on this album is epic and the production is as you can expect: top class! What a great sound. Singers Esther Wildman and Rob's daughter Kerry Dawn are contributing in a big way. Saxophonist Anatoliy Vyacheslavov plays brilliantly on the track Find Me. And these are all the musicians involved, Rob did the rest. His piano playing is moving and the other keyboards give this album a warmth that is comforting. And then there is Rob Cottingham's singing. This man has an amazing voice! He knows exactly how to bring the emotion in the songs where they need it. Great lyrics too and word for word clear.

It's not all re-recorded work. A new song on the album is Out Of Time and John Mitchell let his guitar roar and cry. Do you want goosebumps all over? Listen to the orchestral version of Hero that Rob sings with his daughter Kerry. What a sweet voice she has. Add to that the classical guitar of John Mitchell and get your hanky out. So beautiful.

Nothing critical to say about this album? Well, the reprise of Hear Me wasn't necessary. But who cares, this is an album you play over and over again.

Rob Cottingham couldn't resist re-recording this album. I'm very happy he did!

I love it!

***** Arne van Os van den Abeelen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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