Riveryman - Magic World

(CD 2009, 72:15, Musea FGBG 4799)

The tracks:
1- Ladder of the Giant(03:07)
2- Magic World(13:07)
3- Gage of our Lives(09:48)
4- Garden of Love(09:54)
5- Voyage across the fabulous Stars(06:16)
6- After All these Years(11:15)
7- Priest of the World(07:56)
8- Escaping from the Dreams(10:42)

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Tony Riveryman is a Finnish musician who w rote excellent music on his first progressive rock album Magic World. He played almost every instrument in the Undoredo Studio by himself. Only his friend Pikkis sat behind the drum kit. Tony is a fabulous guitar player. From time to time, he sounds like Dave Gilmour or Steve Howe. The bass and keyboard parts he also played very tastefully, which shows that he is a very talented musician. Riveryman indeed has a talent to write great pieces of music. Most of all in the instrumental tracks Ladder Of The Giant and Voyage Across The Fabulous Stars he shows a perfect feeling for melody and rhythm. Therefore, this album could indeed have been a magic world if Tony Riveryman should have used a professional singer on his debut, but he did not. That is a pity, because as soon as Tony starts singing the listener learns that he was not born to sing. His voice is too flat, too monotonous and after a while, his voice really gets on your nerves and becomes annoying. While listening to this album I permanently asked myself, why he did not use the singers from his own metal and dance band. He studied pop and jazz on a musical academy in Finland and therefore he must know some talented singers from that period. I hope that he asks them or another great voice for his next album. It will without any doubt, lift his music to a much higher level. The songs influenced by Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis and Spock’s Beard sound very good as long as Tony keeps his mouth shut. So please Tony take my advice and start looking for a professional singer. Do not make the same mistake twice! I should have given you an extra star, if the vocal parts were sung better.  

*** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)
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