Riverland - Riverland

(CD 2013, 21:18, Secret Entertainment)

The tracks:
  1- Hope In The Air(1:48)
  2- Help!(3:01)
  3- Sounds(4:14)
  4- Pictures(2:34)
  5- 5.2001(love)(3:08)
  6- Clear Water(1:21)
  7- Riverland(5:11)


Riverland is an alternative Finnish folk duo consisting of Mikko Heino (vocals) and Roni Seppanen (guitar). They recorded an eponymous first EP containing seven songs. Riverland is a concept album and its main themes are about helping people and taking care of each other. The music is rather mystic, melancholic and most of all utterly boring, but luckily for me this mini-album only lasts 21 minutes... All seven songs sound almost entirely alike, with acoustic guitar parts and high-pitched, forced vocals. I can only describe this EP as extremely dull!

* Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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