Rick Ray Band - The Setlist

(CD 2009, 63:24, Neurosis Records)

The tracks:
  1- Taken Control(4:25)
  2- The Jokes On Me(6:18)
  3- Something A Little More Original(6:42)
  4- Red Tape(4:12)
  5- Standing In Harms Way(7:47)
  6- Sgt. Pepperspray(5:20)
  7- In The Real World(4:10)
  8- Reservations In Cel#3(5:42)
  9- The Voices(6:44)
10- Until The End(6:42)
11- Reality Replaces The Symbol(5:22)

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For people who like guitar albums, this might be a nice choice to listen to. American Rick Ray is a good, kind of bluesy guitar picker who has already been voted as best guitar player. However, the sound on this album is slightly old-fashioned as it sounds rather shallow. It seems to be recorded in a garage or something like that. I like Rickís guitar playing as it is heavy, fast, rocky, bluesy and rather tasteful at some points. For instance, in songs like The Voices or Standing In Harms Way, but I donít think prog heads will like this kind of guitar-driven music.

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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