Rendezvous Point -
Solar Storm

(CD 2015, 45:00, Karisma Records KAR097CD)

The tracks:
  1- Through The Solar Storm(4:50)
  2- Wasteland(4:50)
  3- Para(6:23)
  4- The Hunger(7:14)
  5- Mirrors(10:18)
  6- The Conclusion pt.1(4:48)
  7- The Conclusion pt.2(5:54)

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Rendezvous Point is a new progressive metal band from Norway, consisting of former members of bands like Borknagar, ICS Vortex and Solefeld. Rendezvous Point is a quintet and the members on this debut album called Solar Storm are: Geirmund Hansen (vocals), Petter Hallaraker (guitars), Nicolai Tangen Svennas (keyboards), Gunn-Hilde Erstad (bass guitar) and Baard Kolstad on drums.

Solar Storm is their first album and it features prog metal in a Scandinavian way at its finest; especially singer Hansen does a great job, particularly in the high pitched areas.
If you listen to the album a couple of times and if you listen thoroughly, you will probably recognise musical elements and style figures from prog bands like: Porcupine Tree, Threshold, Fates Warning and Opeth. Sometimes in the quieter, relaxed passages of the album I even heard music characteristics from the British band Muse. The seven songs on this album can all be labelled or dubbed if you prefer that as modern prog metal with lots of tempo changes, heavy riffs and hooks and lots of really, almost familiar heavy passages. The highlights of this album for me are: The Conclusion Part 1 and 2, which end this album in a very satisfactory way and the amazing opening song Through The Solar Storm. This album is certainly worth checking out as it really flows from start to finish and the songs keep the listener alert and curious as the album progresses.

Highly recommended, check Rendezvous Point out for yourself.

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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