Rayburn - Rayburn

(CD 1972-1977/2009; 1:02:05; Psych of the South 4502)

The tracks:
  1- Your Mind (Doubt)
  2- Got to get ready to Die
  3- Steam Shuffle
  4- Said, I love only You
  5- Righteous Man
  6- Songbird
  7- See my Eyes
  8- The trail is Gone
  9- Your Mind (Doubt)
10- America
11- Saltless tears
12- Hey Friend
13- Working my way Upstream
14- Your Mind (Doubt)

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Talk about misfortune! You form a band which plays rock with an emphasis on nice riffing, good vocals and the organ and you are just about to get some fame, and then the father of one of the band members pulls the rug from underneath you, thank you very much! This father was the co-owner of one of the biggest investment bankers in the country and bought the record label of Rayburn from the recording company and then stiffed the upcoming release of the new LP. With such family, who needs enemies? And then, when you go on undaunted, your guitarist dies of cancer, only 24 years old. No wonder Rayburn never made it big. But they could have, listening to this collection of demos made by the remaining band members on the basis of material written by their deceased guitarist. The organ playing especially makes this band stand out from the pack (listen to the Steam Shuffle, I bet your feet will start shuffling) and their compositions were also quite interesting, with a light psychedelic and melancholic feel over them (nice example is the eight minutes of Said, I Love Only You). This release is a kind of redemption for those who could and maybe should have been more famous.

***André de Waal (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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