Randone - Linea Di Confine

(CD 2009, 77:04, Electromantic ARTPQ 1912)

The tracks:
  1- S.I.B. (Prologo)(03:45)
  2- Primo dell'anno(03:06)
  3- Differenze(05:24)
  4- Promesse(05:18)
  5- La cella degli amori estinti(03:19)
  6- Speranze(03:20)
  7- Emanuela(05:48)
  8- Linea di confine(04:15)
  9- Dovresti non scordare(06:03)
10- Buona notte(04:43)
11- Preghiera di un re(03:15)
12- Ritorno(04:59)
13- 22 Aprile(04:34)
14- La caduta della mia stella(03:54)
15- Amori(06:39)
16- Epilogo(08:36)

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This is already the fifth album of the Italian band Randone built around multi-instrumentalist Nicola Randone. Their previous effort Hybla Act 1 sounds wonderful with exciting vintage keyboards by Nicola and legend Beppe Crovella, but was a bit too fragmented in some tracks. On this new album Nicola and Beppe Crovella deliver again a splendid vintage keyboard sound in more mellow-oriented prog rock.

In the opener S.I.B. (Prologo) you get a lush symphonic rock sound with Hammond-organ and a Mellotron-violin solo. Promesse has a pleasant blend of soft Hammond, warm Italian vocals, soaring Mellotron and finally a howling guitar solo. The title track Linea Di Confine has a slow rhythm with acoustic guitar runs and classical orchestrations, while in Preghiera Di Un Re you can enjoy grand piano, intense vocals and majestic eruptions of Mellotron-choirs. Ritorno contains an impressive violin and Mellotron-choir waves as well.

Donít get the impression that this is music to fall asleep by, because on the right moments Randone deliver some surprising and exciting breaks with catchy synthesizers and fiery guitar in Speranze, a cheerful atmosphere and female vocals in Buona Notte and blistering guitar work and delicate Mellotron-choirs in Ritorno. However, my highlight on this pleasant album is the final composition Epilogo. It starts mellow with acoustic rhythm guitar, fragile electric guitar and wonderful piano. Then the music slowly culminates in a compelling grand finale featuring breathtaking vintage keyboards and a sensitive guitar solo with howling runs. This is really prog heaven!

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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