Ra - Rising

(CD 2009; 1:00:30; Cyclops CYCL 169)

The tracks:
  1- Theme Two(3:35)
  2- Over The Edge(7:06)
  3- Kaugummima ßiges Musik(4:17)
  4- The Host(15:24)
  5- Standstill(2:59)
  6- Spike(3:22)
  7- Eyes Of Jesus(9:09)
  8- Tide(6:54)
  9- Shambles(7:41)

                Cyclops Records

This is a nice initiative: releasing a low-priced sampler with some nice tracks of one band, so listeners can get familiar with the music for a possible purchase later on. Ra is an British instrumental quartet which takes the cues from the seventies. Opener Theme Two gives a big wink to Van Der Graaf Generator’s Theme One, both in title and music. Kaugummima Biges Musik contains memories of the Dixie Dregs and Spike definitely has several strains of Focus in it. Best track is the almost quarter of an hour long The Host which - after a nice semi-acoustic intro - turns into one of those excellent guitar-driven pieces Joe Walsh used to make in the seventies. I hope and trust the album title turns out to be prophetic.

***+ André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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