Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno -
Il Pittore Volante

(CD 2010, 60:53, AMS Records)

The tracks:
  1- Il Cambiamento(6:41)
  2- Il Vecchio(7:38)
  3- Il Fuoco(5:31)
  4- Eagle Mountain(10:02)
  5- La Mente(7:10)
  6- L ‘Uomo Nuovo(7:16)
  7- Le Anime(6:21)
  8- Raoul(5:49)
  9- La Spiaggia(3:38)

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In 1972 RRR presented the strong effort entitled Per …Un Mundo Di Cristallo, then the group disbanded, some members started to play in other bands like Samadhi and Procession. Anno 2010 (almost 40 years later) RRR delivers a new album entitled Il Pitore Volante. During my first listening session I got excited, what a triumphant return! RRR still changes different styles very easily and their music still sounds captivating and adventurous with lots of musical surprises.

This new CD opens with the alternating Il Cambiamento : first a thrilling blend of mouth organ and propulsive guitar riffs, then a compelling climate featuring wonderful classical orchestrations, a spectacular synthesizer solo and blistering guitar leads and finally an experimental part with drums, piano and brass. All topped by powerful, slightly theatrical Italian vocals. This promising start epitomizes RRR’s music because in the other 8 tracks we can enjoy a huge variety, an adventurous approach and strong solos. For example, from the sultry Eastern climate with passionate vocals to a surprising acceleration with folky violin and cheerful vocals in Il Vecchio. And the varied guitar work in Eagle Mountain: a Hackett-like classical guitar intro, then fat Texan rock guitar and finally a Floyd ian guitar solo. Or listen to the Seventies symphonic rock in L’Uomo Nuovo featuring swirling Hammond, flashy Minimoog and sparkling flute traverse and the cheerful folky final track La Spiaggia that contains warm acoustic guitar, vocals and flute.

RRR’s music succeeded to keep my attention during every second but you have to be up to their varied sound and their musical contrasts. In case you are, this album is highly recommended!

**** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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