Quiet Rebellion -
Still Talking Scribble

(CD 2011, 71:06, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Soon (intro)
  2- Still Talking Scribble
  3- Beneath The Wings Of A Dragon
  4- From Cathedral Cities To Dark Northern Towns
  5- Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend, The
  6- Solo
  7- Collisions
  8- A Little Help From You Goes A Long Way
  9- The Continual Fling
10- Cheap Exchange Of Slim Affections
11- Completely By Accident Not By Design
12- Marriage Of Convention
13- Substitute Silence For Noise
14- Deepest Impression Faintest Of Sketches
15- Awakens (outro)
16- Dancing In The Dark (bonus track)

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With a band name like Quiet Rebellion, you know that you're not in for a heavy piece of hard rock; in fact it turns out that you won't get prog rock either. Shaun T Hunter, also known as Quiet Rebellion, plays a kind of post-rock which makes for semi-acoustic and tranquil music. Hunter's voice has some resemblance with Peter Gabriel's during the quiet songs on his first solo albums, but also with David Sylvian's vocalization on his later solo efforts. Next to this Hunter plays all the instruments on Still Talking Scribble, the successor of Thinnest Hopes Magnified (2009). The lyrics take us on a journey from the darkest corners of the mind to the deepest recesses of the soul. This works best on the third track Beneath The Wings Of A Dragon, which has a beautiful melody, and on the fourth track From Cathedral Cities To Dark Northern Towns, which is one of the few more up-tempo pieces on Still Talking Scribble, which by the way is a rather clever title for a CD. But fourteen songs - thirteen of his own making and one cover of Bruce Springsteen's Dancing In The Dark - is a bit much for this kind of music. A shorter album would have made more impact.

** André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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