Quantum Fantay -
Dancing In Limbo

(CD 2015, 44:50, Progressive Promotion Records PPRCD032)

The tracks:
  1- Nimbo(11:11)
  2- Rimbo(11:12)
  3- Cacimbo(11:13)
  4- Limbo(11:14)

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Dancing In Limbo is the sixth studio album for the Belgium progressive space collective and bubblers Quantum Fantay. The line-up has been changed since the previous album Terragaia (2014, see review). Guitarist Dario Frodo has left the band and has been replaced by Tom Nas. Who plays along with the bands keyboard player Pete Mush in Neo Prophet. Quantum Fantay's rhythm section remains intact with bass player Jaro; who also plays guitar, djembe, sass and didgeridoo on the album and drummer and percussionist Gino Bartolini. As a special guest Quantum Fantay asked space rock's godfather and Ozric Tentacles main man Ed Wynne to add guitar and glissando guitar parts to Rimbo. The same song also holds a guitar solo by former member Dario Frodo. Flute parts on Dancing In Limbo are played by another former member of the band; Charels Sla. Last guest on the album is percussionist Karel Baetens.

Strangely space rock is not the most progressive music to me, Ozric Tentacles seem to recycle their music over and over again, without adding real new elements to their music. I know it is their sound, but re-chewing old material doesn't add anything to their music anymore. So it's really a pity their frontman Ed Wynne gets over classed by the musicians that look up to him. His contribution to Rimbo is nice, but no cigar for good old Ed. What does matter is the addition of previous member Charels, whose flute playing is the perfect counterpart for Pete's bubbly keyboard sounds. Dancing In Limbo also takes a small step towards more convenient progressive rock; I guess the addition of a new guitar player also brings the small shift in guitar sound; less spacey and more rocky. The sound on this album is phenomenal, I think Jaro's bass sound has never sounded this dominant on any previous album and it shows the real drive behind the band's music.

Musically Quantum Fantay have caught up with their musical gurus a long time ago and with Dancing In Limbo they will find a small Ozric logo, when they check their rear-view mirror. Although I do think space rock really lacks progression, Quantum Fantay always succeed in releasing an interesting album. So is this one. Dancing In Limbo is an album every space fan can purchase without even listening. For those who like to try what real space music sounds like, just give this one a try and you will not be disappointed.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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