Qantum - Les Temps Oubliés

(CD 2009, 46:18, Musea FGBG 4838)

The tracks:
  1- Images d'enfance(03:51)
  2- Le voyage de l'espoir(06:31)
  3- Errance(05:04)
  4- Milena(05:40)
  5- Féérique utopie(07:04)
  6- Court terme(02:58)
  7- le temps des mages(04:10)
  8- Présage(07:36)
  9- Impressions fugaces(02:45)

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Sometimes the meeting of musicians from two bands can result in a fantastic new act. This happened to the musicians from Ultime Atome and Lapsus Linguae. Those two bands from the present French progressive rock scene joined forces and started Qantum. Right from the start you hear on Les Temps Oubliés that the band was very much influenced by the older prog acts from France. Bands such as Ange and Mona Lisa came to mind. But that’s not so strange for a band that sings in their native language. On the first track Images D’Efance and several other pieces, I did also hear some traces which could have been taken from another band that was famous in the seventies in France. The Strands Of The Future from Pulsar could have been in the CD collection of keyboard player Franck Foussard and guitarist Thierry Locatelli. A lot of guitar and string synthesizer parts reminded me of the afformentioned album. The neo prog music produced by Qantum has also a link to the first albums made by Marillion. The musicians mentioned above play in a similar way as Mark Kelly and Steve Rothery and lead singer Jean-Marc Tesorio moves towards the same style of singing as Fish did on Script For A Jester’s Tear or Fugazi. The only difference is that he does not sing in the English language. Les Temps Des Mages could have been taken from an album by Steve Hackett on which he only played the acoustic guitar. The last track on the album Impressions Fugaces can be seen as an instrumental tribute to Rick Wakeman. The last name that I will mention is Pink Floyd. From time to time I did hear David Gilmour in the fantastic melodic guitar solos. They are of a very high level on this release. Anybody who enjoys neo progressive rock music and does not mind that the lead vocals are done in the French language can enjoy this first album from Qantum a lot.   This should be discovered.

**** Henri Strik (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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