Pryzme - Four Inches

(CD 2021, 64:27, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Fusion(7:39)
  2- Vision(5:20)
  3- After Wichita(8:39)
  4- Nothing To Say(6:08)
  5- Pretty Princess(8:07)
  6- The Ride Of Your Life(7:52)
  7- Morning Song(6:53)
  8- Four Inches(13:49)

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Four Inches is the debut album of the rather unknown French band Pryzme, consisting of Dominique Blanchard (guitars, vocals), Gabrielle Duplenne (drums, vocals), David Chollet (guitar, vocals) and Maxence Marmiyesse (bass, vocals).

This debut contains eight tracks and everyone who likes enjoyable, melodic, progressive guitar-driven music should listen to this album and I am sure that you will get hooked after a couple of spins. I had never heard of Pryzme, but this French quartet really rocks and shines with glorious, superb guitar solos galore. From the opening song Fusion until the final track, which is the title track, you as a listener are treated to accessible melodic prog rock with sometimes even some jazz fusion elements. Highlights for me are the epic title song and Pretty Princess which are packed with extremely melodic guitar solos and melodies, which make my hair stand straight up every time I listen to these songs.

Four Inches is a more than terrific debut and the only thing which could be improved on their follow up album are the vocals, which are rather mediocre and add nothing to the fantastic guitar prog on this CD. So, highly recommended indeed, even though this is a French band.... Just kidding here, sorry could not resist this!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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