Prozeptiq - Prozeptiq

(CD 2018, 51:14, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Tune1:1:02)
  2- Mara(4:30)
  3- Dustflower(4:47)
  4- Apron(4:41)
  5- Notmine(4:40)
  6- Tune 2(1:01)
  7- Hailstorm(4:31)
  8- Besore(4:07)
  9- Vertigo Evolution(4:57)
10- Tune 3(1:21)
11- Agonizing(5:13)
12- Nethermost(3:59)
13- Southeast Delusion(4:51)
14- Tune 4(1:10)

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Hailing from Austria, Prozeptiq is a trio that is initiated by guitarist and keyboard player Markus Luchner. Since 2006 the band has performed, including vocals under the moniker of Kammerflimmern, but in 2015 the band turned into an instrumental trio and a new catchy band name was appropriate. Besides Luchner, Prozeptiq consists of drummer Daniel Krejci and bass player Helmut Nederegger. The latter is mentioned as bass player on the album, but doesn't get mentioned in the current line-up anymore, leaving both Luchner and Krejci as remaining members.

So, what is to expect from this title-less album that took three years of making? First of all; the four Tunes; one to four on short keyboard/synth interludes Kraftwerk worthy, but do not stand in relation to the remaining compositions whatsoever. Mara kicks in hard and powerful. Solid drums, heavy riffs are combined with subtle guitar melodies, basically an instrumental progressive metal track with some major atmospherical elements, great start! Both Dustflower and Apron continue in this very tasty style, the songs see the right amount of heaviness, spherical parts and a little dash of fusion. During Hailstorm the feeling comes to me as if the drum parts are (partially) programmed, but nevertheless, the heavy base on the guitars, loaded with smooth keyboards and fine melodies, do make up for that. Like during Besore, Prozeptiq sometimes reminds me of a heavier, but less complicated version of Special Providence. One of my personal highlights of the album is Southeast Delusion; a very solid djenty guitar in combination with progressive, post rock remaining parts, played in a fine tempo.

Prozeptiq has released a very solid and interesting album, the only minor is the fact a lot of the compositions have a kind of similar structure; heavy solid drums and a djenty guitar as base. Over this thorough base, both keyboards and guitar are free to lay down their nice melodies and themes. A little bit more diversity would make the difference. Note to my comment here, I skipped the Tunes when I listened to write this review.

***+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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