Prozeptiq - Album No. 2

(EP CD 2023, 29:09, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Eins(3:47)
  2- Zwei(3:24)
  3- Drei(5:10)
  4- Vier(4:29)
  5- Fünf(4:54)
  6- Sechs(4:05)
  7- Sieben(3:02)


“We are Prozeptiq- making and playing instrumental music”. Is written on the Facebook page of Prozeptiq. A duo hailing from Austria and consisting of drummer Daniel Krejci and guitarist, bassist and keyboard player Markus Luchner. In 2018 they released their eponymous album (see review). Our reviewer wrote at the time this about this 14 tracks instrumental album;” Prozeptiq has released a very solid and interesting album, the only minor is the fact a lot of the compositions have a kind of similar structure; heavy solid drums and a djenty guitar as base. Over this thorough base, both keyboards and guitar are free to lay down their nice melodies and themes. A little bit more diversity would make the difference”.

Well now five years later the same two musicians came up with a successor and named it simply Album No. 2 and the songs got the titles 1 to 7 on it. But you pronounce it in the German language. So Eins until Sieben.

This compact disc has only one half hour of instrumental music and therefore you might name it an EP. On this EP the music that you hear can be described as an instrumental musical journey that never lacks a sense of melody and mood. On first hearing you might think it all sounds the same. And although the hard djent guitar riffs meet crisp drums, there are still eclectic soundscapes full of variety floating around. Although the keyboard is primarily responsible for the expansive sounds, the instruments don't get in each other's way. The drummer's punch pushes the riff wall strongly, but can also take a back seat at the right moments and give space to some feather-light melodies. Most of the songs are sounding rather up tempo, but not as fast with a lot of speed brought in by the rhythm section. What you hear is a wall of sound and therefore it sometimes sounds pleasant when the musicians slow down occasionally and skip the hard djent riffs. As you can hear at the start of Sechs. Too bad it only lasts two minutes before the heavy guitar riffs take control of the song again as on most of the songs. This composition is without any doubt one of my favourites on the entire album. An album on which you hardly can find any solos performed on the electric guitars or keyboards. Maybe that will be the next step for the band to make in the future. Create song on which you can have fantastic melodic solos together with some fine mellow dream away parts.

For those out there who are into strong instrumental music dominated by ​djent guitar riffs this is an album to discover without any doubt. Also those who already have the debut album of Prozeptiq, I can tell them to get Album No. 2 as fast as you can. Because you will love it as much as album No 1.

*** Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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