Prospekt -
The Colourless Sunrise

(CD 2013, 63:45, Sensory Records)

The tracks:
  1- A Desolate Kingdom(6:38)
  2- Dissident Priests(6:45)
  3- Eternal Memories(1:11)
  4- Shroud(7:38)
  5- The Colourless Sunrise(13:17)
  6- Visions(3:41)
  7- The Great Awakening(9:55)
  8- Shutter Asylum(4:41)
  9- Hunting Poseidon(12:03)

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Prospekt are an English progressive metal quartet consisting of Richard Marshall (vocals, keyboards), Lee Luland (guitars), Phil Wicker (bass guitar) and Blake Richardson (drums, percussion). In 2013 they recorded their debut album called The Colourless Sunrise. If you listen to this record for the first time you'll notice influences from prog metal bands like Opeth, Symphony X and Dream Theater. However, Prospekt's music can't match these bands by far. The music on this record is heavy, sometimes even brutal; at other times melodious or chaotic, but always mediocre and far from being original.

What bothers me most about this band is singer Richard Marshall, whose high-pitched vocals got on my nerves right from the start. And as this album lasts more than an hour, it was very hard for me to 'sit through' it in one spin. Furthermore I could hardly hear any difference between the nine tracks as they all sound the same and they were all composed in the same chaotic way. In some reviews I read that this album contains intelligent metal, which proves Prospekt to be quite mature with respect to song writing and performance, but I especially beg to differ when it comes to the performance of the songs. But, hey, you can't argue about taste, so check out for yourself whether you like this prog metal debut or not. Listening tip: play A Desolate Kingdom at maximum volume!

*+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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