Projection - Realitivity

(CD 2015, 54:04, Independent Release )

The tracks:
  1- On(1:49)
  2- Running Through Time(4:22)
  3- The Expectation Cell(3:13)
  4- Hypocrite(4:59)
  5- Numb(4:41)
  6- Overload(4:06)
  7- Escape(3:42)
  8- Delirious(5:53)
  9- Stranded(3:45)
10- Erase(5:16)
11- Off: A New Beginning(4:21)
12- On (Again)(7:51)

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Having gained experience in the cover circuit, Dutch band Projection decided the time was right to release an album, filled with self-written compositions. Realitivity is the result of this co-operation between vocalist and guitarist Frank van Eerden, keyboard player and vocalist Peter Pampiermole, bass player and vocalist Jürgen ten Have and drummer, vocalist Richard Immink.

After a short intro; On an alarm bell introduces the first real song; Running Through Time-a song that sounds like the perfect start for this promising band featuring nice up-tempo, haunted drums and very catchy vocal parts. The guitar has a prominent role in Projection's music, as well as the combination of four voices, although the majority of the lead vocal work goes to Frank van Eerden and Richard Immink. After this impressive opener, you are sucked into the catchy songs that are both progressive rock as well as melodic, but absolutely drenched in a metallic sauce. The songs on the album are nicely built up, like Hypocrite and Numb. Both songs start smooth and gently gain power and end with pleasant guitar and keyboard solo parts. During Overloaded, the tempo and power goes up and we are treated by a very fine progressive rock keyboard solo, emphasizing the progressive rock element. Stranded is an acoustically based song, with intense vocals focusing on the softer, more emotional side of Projection's music. Besides the brilliant opener, Erase is another highlight of the album, perhaps the album's epic song, where guitar and keyboards perfectly balance each other and the dual vocal parts totally complement each other. Musically, the band finds themselves in the line of bands like Sylvan; during the softer parts, added with more powerful parts reminding me sometimes of Queensryche. After several listens, I have come to the conclusion that Projection doesn't have a real distinguished vocalist, but the combination of the lead vocals does fit perfectly to the music, without really standing out.

Writing this review I tend to feel a bit disappointed, not in their music, but more why this band has spent so much time playing covers, where their own compositions should absolutely be placed above the average song writing. Just listen to the final chapter of the album; On (Again) and you will agree.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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