PreHistoric Animals -
The Magical Mystery Machine (chapter 1)

(CD 2020, 45:57, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Floodgate(7:30)
  2- The Magical Mystery Machine(7:43)
  3- No Mortal Girl Has Ever Seen The Light Inside(6:53)
  4- A Good Start(1:39)
  5- What A Lucky Day!(6:06)
  6- First We'll Go To Mars(6:03)
  7- Into Battle (Like My Father)(10:03)

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PreHistoric Animals is a Swedish prog/alternative rock band that released their sparkling debut in 2018, Now, follow up The Magical Mystery Machine, is in store and it has turned into a great album; another musical highlight of this weird year 2020....

The music of PHA is a combination of neo prog, alternative rock, prog metal, prog rock, AOR, eighties rock and even pop music, using influences from notorious bands like Porcupine Tree, Rush, Muse and Pain Of Salvation. Melody is the key in the music of PHA which features glorious, pitched guitar melodies, insane hooks, and utterly sublime smooth melodies. Opener Floodgate, one of the highlights, also being the 1st single, begins with a heavy riff and a piano hook, followed by a melodic chorus, a nice keys solo and an awesome high-pitched guitar solo. The title track, another great song, is very diverse with a couple of eighties Rush vibes and some really crunchy guitars. The metal song of this album is called First We'll Go To Mars, featuring superb vocals by Altzar, a guitar solo gem and it is definitely the most varied melodic song on the album. Closer, Into Battle, the longest song, is again a delight for lovers of pure alternative rock music, check it out and you will be hooked on PreHistoric Animals.

These Swedish rockers have released an awesome album, one of the best of 2020; utterly bliss, love it, what more can I say???

****+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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