Preacher - Aftermath

(CD 2016, 49:45, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Aftermath(6:12)
  2- Welcome To The Fray(4:39)
  3- War(4:11)
  4- Hold On(5:16)
  5- Sleep(5:37)
  6- Vinyl(4:51)
  7- Vision(6:39)
  8- War Reprise(5:51)
  9- Always(6:16)

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Preacher is a new eight piece progressive rock band from Scotland. Their debut album Signals was released in 2014. Two years later their second release, titled Aftermath. was welcomed to our desks for reviewing.

When you listen to the first track Aftermath, you know which band influenced them the most, namely Pink Floyd. It is most of all guitarist Greg Murphy who sounds like Dave Gilmour and therefore the similarities occurs. Also the use of the two female backing singers Angela Bell and Kerry WcWhinnie make sure you can't avoid mentioning Floyd as an major inspiration to the band. However, when you hear Greg's father Martin Murphy sing the lead vocals you don't think of Roger Waters or the earlier mentioned Gilmour. His voice resembles the late David Bowie. Keyboard player Arnie Burgoyne has to be mentioned as well. Although he doesn't shine as much as Greg Murphy on the electric guitar he does a rather good job on this album.

When you continue listening to the rest of the compositions on this album, you will think that certain songs could have been taken from the Pink Floyd albums with Gilmour at the helm, like A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (1987) and The Division Bell (1994). The band comes so very close to covering their music, that you will sometimes wonder if this song was on one of those releases. Also albums such as Dark Side Of The Moon (1973) and Wish You Were Here (1975) come to mind several times. On the other hand the band does not only sometimes copy the music of Pink Floyd, but also includes blues and hard rock into their music, next to elements of progressive rock. This way they give the songs a certain twist and a face of their own.

Although Preacher's music is far from original I can only be positive about the nine tracks on Aftermath. They are very pleasant to listen to and for me that's all that matters. If you think the same way as I do you this is a fine addition to your CD collection. Even more so if you are a big lover of Pink Floyd! When you are going to watch their videos on their website you will get into the Floyd mood even more!

*** Henri Strik (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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