Porcupine Tree -
Closure/Continuation Live in Amsterdam 07/11/22

(DVD/Blu Ray 2023, 149:01, Music For Nations)

The tracks:
  1- Blackest Eyes(5:23)
  2- Harridan(8:07)
  3- Of The New Day(4:43)
  4- Rats Return(5:15)
  5- Even Less(6:55)
  6- Drown With Me(5:26)
  7- Dignity(8:35)
  8- The Sound Of Muzak(5:04)
  9- Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled(4:53)
10- Chimeras Wreck(10:24)
11- Fear Of A Blank Planet(9:08)
12- Buying New Soul(7:48)
13- Walk The Plank(4:28)
14- Sentimental(5:23)
15- Herd Culling(7:12)
16- Anesthetize(17:25)
17- I Drive The Hearse(6:23)
18- Sleep Together(7:57)
19- Collapse The Light Into Earth(5:01)
20- Halo(5:54)
21- Trains(8:00)

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Closure/Continuation Live In Amsterdam 07/11/22 is THE ultimate Porcupine Tree live experience, twenty-one brilliant tracks, played at top-notch level by Steven Wilson (vocals, guitar, keys), Richard Barbieri (keys), Gavin Harrison (drums), Randy McStine (guitar) and Nate Navaro (bass guitar).

On this almost immaculate DVD/Blu Ray you can enjoy five tracks from In Absentia, four tracks from Fear Of A Blank Planet, one from Deadwing, one from The Incident, one from Lightbulb Sun, one from Stupid Dream, one from Recordings and the entire last Closure/Continuation album (seven songs). Gavin Harrison proves to belong to the best drummers on this planet and Steven Wilson really shines throughout the entire recording. The sound of the concert is superb, the band is musically almost second to none, the audience is enthusiastic and the only thing I could nag about is the setlist, as I would have picked a couple of other Porcupine Tree tracks, like e.g. Russia On Ice, Hate Song or Arriving Somewhere But Not Here.... Highlights of this spectacular gig to me are without a shadow of a doubt: Anesthetize (brilliant indeed), the opening song Blackest Eyes (a true PT classic already), Fear Of A Blank Planet, Even Less from the fantastic, but underrated album Stupid Dream and the heavenly melodic Buying New Soul. There were also a couple of surprises on the setlist, like Sentimental, or Collapse The Light Into Earth, but classic PT songs like Trains, Halo or Sleep Together were also played. Finally, I have to say that some of the “new” PT tracks like Dignity and Walk The Plank were the least interesting songs - at least for me - of this concert, but overall, how brilliant can a gig be? Closure/Continuation Live In Amsterdam is THE best DVD/Blu Ray of 2023 and so a MUST have for everyone who loves/likes alternative prog rock music; Steven Wilson is a musical genius indeed!! Enough said, I am going to watch the gig again...

Also available 2CD+2Blu-Ray deluxe edition and 4LP clear Vinyl Boxset next to this Blu-Ray+DVD version!

***** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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