Point Of View -
Revolutionize The Revolutionary

(CD 2012, 55:34, Point Of View)

The tracks:
  1- Third Eye(4:10)
  2- Deja Vu(4:51)
  3- Prelude In C-Sharp Minor(2:12)
  4- Unreal(5:54)
  5- Revolutionize The Revolutionary(5:45)
  6- Shades Of Love(5:47)
  7- Set Me Free(5:52)
  8- Heal(7:36)
  9- Seed(4:31)
10- Down(4:37)
11- Chainsaw(4:25)

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Point Of View were founded in Dubai (!) in 2005. They recorded their debut album supported by guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal (Guns N' Roses). They launched a release party in Dubai in his presence. The current band members are Nikhil Uzgare (vocals), Royden Mascarenhas (guitars), Murtaza Jafar (guitars), Chiradeep Lahiri (drums) and Shakil Haque (bass). Previously Point Of View released two singles: Unreal and the title track of their debut album Revolutionize The Revolutionary. Regardless of what already has been said about this album, you better listen to it yourself.

Deja Vu, the second track of this album,  starts with harmonic minor based melodies that evolve into a groovy track. Prelude In C-Sharp Minor is a beautiful, instrumental classical guitar piece which is a kind of intro to the next track Unreal. It starts in a perfect time signature that takes you away with its sustaining guitar sounds. The title track is a remarkable piece with mainly strong lyrics. Shades Of Love is relatively slow shifting towards a rock ballad. Set Me Free is rather bluesy holding a catchy melody in the chorus.

Heal has meaningful lyrics especially in the chorus parts. Seed is an energetic track which I think most hard rock fans will love. It's one of the few tracks that contain keyboards (organ). I think the use of extended keyboards would fit in well in their music and would improve their sound. Down starts with a far-east oriented intro followed by a strong melody and a fine rhythm. It ends the same as it started. Last piece Chainsaw resembles a chopper track. Revolutionize The Revolutionary is a sincere album that I would like to recommend to fans of Guns N' Roses, Nickelback, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith.

***+ Zafer YŁksel (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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