Pluto And The Planets -
360 Degrees Of Wonder

(CD 2011; 55:06; Musea Records MP 3067)

The tracks:
  1- Take Me Home (Part 1)(3:34)
  2- This Is Magic(3:11)
  3- Gloomy Sunday(3:11)
  4- Wake Up(5:23)
  5- Starship(3:54)
  6- Ascension(6:44)
  7- The Humming Song(2:51)
  8- Tears(2:58)
  9- Encounter(4:26)
10- The Man On The Television(3:31)
11- So Magic(4:03)
12- Into A Totally Different Race(3:24)
13- Vacuum(4:13)
14- Take Me Home (Part 2)(3:20)

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Yes, yes, I know, you want to know what a CD sounds like, which other more famous prog bands can be referenced but buggered if I can do it with this Norwegian outfit called Pluto And The Planets. In despair I turn to what the band itself says on its website: “The band emerged for the first time in the middle of the 80s as a very melodic progrock band with strong influences from Genesis, Vangelis, Yes and Pink Floyd. The 2011 version of Pluto & The Planets has much more focus on vocal arrangements. The band consists of two guitar players, keyboards, drums and bass. This is a quite traditional line up but with two lead singers in addition to the rest of the band who takes care of backing vocals. Guitars have been given a lot of room beside vocals in the music. With mixed influences from Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Steve Hackett, Hank Marvin and Steve Howe, the result has become a typical Pluto & The Planets sound, familiar but original at the same time.”Yep, there are plenty of references in this text but you know what, I really don't hear that except maybe in the guitar solos. That is because these guys never played this type of pop prog or proggy pop, I have even seen the label prog folk used for Pluto And The Planets. The music is up-tempo, happy, with a big role for singer Sandra M. G. and the guitars of Martin Blystad and Pluto himself. But is it any good, you ask? Yes, I think so if you are not looking for traditional prog and if you listen to 360 Degrees Of Wonder in small doses. Maybe you should start with track 6, Ascension, because that is an excellent proggy song.

***-André de Waal (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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