Plurima Mundi - Percorsi

(CD 2017, 41:30, BTF independent music company)

The tracks:
  1- Eurasia(10:38)
  2- E Mi Vedrai... Per Te(6:37)
  3- L. ... Tu Per Sempre(8:10)
  4- Male Interiore (La Mia Età)(12:24)
  5- L. ... Tu Per Sempre (Bonus: Single Version)(3:41)

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Percorsi is a very special work for me and Plurima Mundi, it is not a concept but every track deals with something that really happened. A kind of song-cycle album with a strong creativity, without any genre of style” - Massimiliano Monopoli, composer, electric violinist, music teacher and leader of Plurima Mundi, the Italian progressive-rock band that returns after 8 years with Percorsi, distributed through Italian label BTF.

For a long-time fan of 1970s progressive rock and jazz-fusion, this offering from Plurima Mundi, with its healthy nods to the likes of Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso and Jean-Luc Ponty, is a shining example of learning from, but not living in the past. This disc moves seamlessly through various styles with snippets of jazz, classical, rock and even a little funk without ever becoming disjointed or incoherent. If there is a weak point to this album, it would be Grazia Maremonti, whose vocalizations, at times seem at odds with the music (though in some sections this is used to advantage), but her voice ultimately is very strong and full of emotion. Outstanding performances from Lorenzo Semeraro on piano, Gianmarco Franchini on drums and Monopoli's electric violin work carry this disc beyond whatever minor “imperfections” may exist.

The guitar introduction to Male Interiore (La Mia Età), performed by Silvio Silvestre sets up an epic journey which leaves the listener wanting more. The opening track Eurasia is perhaps the best offering on the disc blending the best of so many different genres and influences in intricate patterns, hypnotic rhythms, pastoral interludes and time/tempo changes that are full of surprises.

Over-all this is a fantastic journey and each listen seems to uncover more intricacies and moments that draw you further into a beautiful soundscape. This is definitely not a disc which can truly be appreciated on just one listen and once it draws you in, it will have you reaching for the “repeat” button.

**** David Carswell

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