Plotnicky - Inside

(CD 2009; 48:36; Lynx Music LM48CD)

The tracks:
  1- 17 Years Old
  2- Walking on Space
  3- Real World
  4- This is my Way
  5- In your Eyes
  6- Inside
  7- Lost Time
  8- In the Rain
  9- Venice
10- Architecture
11- All for Love
12- Architecture (Polish version)

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With Inside, the Polish quartet Plotnicky brings us back to the eighties, the era of synthpop. Visions of Gary Numan, Thomas Dolby and Depeche Mode come rushing in and this isn’t necessarily a pleasant experience. It depends a bit on whether you were a teenager or not during that period. If so then you might actually like what Plotnicky has to offer. If you were, just like me, a bit older then you remember all too well that the first few songs of those bands were mostly quite alright, but after a while boredom would set in.

The compositions were never that exciting and the instrumental interpretation – specifically because of the all-dominating sound of the drum machine – could not hide the lacking imagination of the musicians. This is no different for Plotnicky who serve us twelve tracks which are basically interchangeable, except for All For Love which is a rather hideous tearjerker. No, as a reviewer of Background Magazine I want to be transported back to the seventies, but the time machine on Inside definitely stalled a decade too early.

* André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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