Plenilunio -
Il Gioco Imperfetto

(CD 2021, 43:36, Scintille/ Sciopero Records)

The tracks:
  1- L' Aquilone(5:36)
  2- Il Gioco Imperfetto(3:59)
  3- Se Rinascerò(4:40)
  4- A Piedi Nudi(3:40)
  5- Diario Di Bordo(5:00)
  6- Voci Del Vento(6:31)
  7- Tutte Le Colpe Che Ho(4:55)
  8- Loro(5:29)
  9- Titoli Di Coda(3:46)

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Il Gioco Imperfetto, the new disc from Italy's Plenilunio took me a few listens to truly appreciate the intricacies and subtlety of their arrangements. The album is fairly mellow without ever being dull. Very lush keyboards, courtesy of Valter Camparo, interplay with tasteful guitar from Davide Pronzato while being well anchored by the superb bass work of Roberto Camparo and subtle but perfectly appropriate drumming of Antonio Pirrone. Over it all Roberto Maggiotto's rich and soothing voice allows the listener to lose themselves within the band's enchanting musical landscape.

My personal favourite tracks include Diario Di Bordo, Se Rinascerò and the instrumental Voci Del Vento, although there really are no weak tacks in the collection.

While there are obvious influences at work here, nothing is derivative. As the album moves along it sounds comfortably familiar without lingering on any one influence long enough to lose its originality.

The incredibly crisp and clear production allows the discerning listener to pick out each performer as they all fit within their own sonic “space”. Fans of mid-period Genesis or Galahad will find much to enjoy here.

****+ David Carswell

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