Piotr Damse -
Inside Outside

(CD 2020, 51:09, Lynx Music LM179 CD)

The tracks:
  1- Andromeda(2:52)
  2- Coast Of Siesta(4:34)
  3- Duduk Dream(5:15)
  4- East West(4:26)
  5- Maharishi(4:56)
  6- Orient Express(4:33)
  7- The Very Best Of You(5:21)
  8- Steel On Drums(4:14)
  9- Inferno(6:51)
10- Zion(4:45)
11- New Life(3:33)

samples      Lynx Music

Polish musician Piotr Damse is a bass guitarist, pianist, violinist, composer and teacher, he graduated from J.J Paderewski`s PPSM and PLM. Fryderyk Chopin in the violin class. Piotr did music courses for a long time, was also a teacher, collaborated with numerous music formations, and session musicians. Then he decided to publish his debut album, released by Lynx Music record label.

The music is far from the average prog release, it sounds like a varied musical journey, very pleasant and melodic. But on the first track Andromeda he showcases his appreciation for Vangelis featuring a sumptuous fat synthesizer sound, very distinctive. In two other tracks Piotr also delivers an electronic music driven climate. In Zion a tight beat with soaring strings, then pulsating sequencing and spectacular synthesizer flights (with use of the pitchbend button),at the end an organ sound, I love this kind of music. And the final compositions deliver a slow rhythm with tender piano and keyboard runs, blended with a deep bass sound.

Most of the other tracks contain samples with ethnic instruments. You can hear a cheerful folk sound featuring mandolin, banjo, percussion and mouth organ in Coast Of Siesta. The Armenian duduk (an apricot made wind instrument) can be heard in the melancholic Duduk Dream. A cheerful violin and banjo, and an electronic sound in East West (in musical terms USA meets Asia). The very distinctive sitar and tabla (India) in the sultry Maharishi.

The track Orient Express delivers a fine blend of synthesizer and tender acoustic guitar runs.

In The Very Best Of You the sound of the harp joins soaring strings, wonderful. I do live in the Caribbean (on Aruba) so the track Steel On Drums appeals very much to me: a swinging rhythm with steel drums and a fluent piano solo, now waving palm trees, a golden sunset and a cold beer come to my mind! The track Inferno features a kind of soundtrack music, very dark and ominous, and lots of sound effects.

This album is a nice one to discover for the fans of electronic music who are up to folk/ethnic music.

*** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Dave Smith)

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