The Pineapple Thief -
The Dawn Raids (2 EPís)

(CD 2009, 18.12, 21.19 KSCOPE19 + 20)

The tracks:

The Dawn Raids 1:
  1- Tightly Wound [Dawn Edit](5:32)
  2- The West Coast(2:37)
  3- February 13th(6:10)
  4- Too Far Gone(3:53)

The Dawn Raids 2:
  1- Tightly Wound [Acoustic Version](5:33)
  2- Freefall(5:42)
  3- Bitter Day(4:53)
  4- Second Chance(5:11)

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I have to admit that Iím not familiar with all the music of British The Pineapple Thief, but after listening several times, I was very impressed by these two EPís called The Dawn Raids. Tightly Wound (dawn version) is an impressive start that surprised me with its heavy opening. An orchestral ending crowns this excellent track. Moreover, TPT also knows how to create a dark atmosphere in the vein of for instance Anathema or The Cure. Next surprise is the ballad The West Coast with its acoustic guitars and clear and optimistic vocals. February 13th is the first real up-tempo song. Both the music and the lyrics are very depressed illustrated by the verse 'This Februaryís cold. I just want to save the world, and now weíre getting old, I cannot save the worldí.† Bruce Soord, guitarist and main composer of the band must have expected a disastrous result of the last Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Final song of the first EP Too Far Gone is not my favourite because of the rough and heavy guitar riffs. Itís a rather mediocre song, but three out of four isnít bad at all.†

I find the second EP even better. Bruce sings the acoustic rendition of Tightly Wound beautifully. The musical arrangements on guitar, piano and violin are just perfect. Freefall brought me in higher spheres as well. Just like February 13th, Bitter Day is a sad song starting slowly, but in the middle section, the heavy riffs and synths take the song to a very high level. The last song Second Chance is another top achievement. The many changes and variations of the thrilling guitar licks make this song special.††††

Both EPís of The Dawn Raids contain excellent music for long dark winter evenings together with candle light, a bottle of fine wine and with your partner on the sofa...†††

**** Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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