The Pineapple Thief - 3000 Days

(CD 2009, 68:56/74/17, Kscope KSCOPE117)

The tracks:
  1- God Bless the Child(04:47)
  2- Shoot First(04:15)
  3- Part Zero(07:29)
  4- 137(05:02)
  5- We Love You(08:35)
  6- Clapham(04:28)
  7- Dead in the Water(05:33)
  8- Kid Chameleon(07:02)
  9- Tightly Wound (acoustic)(05:34)
10- Remember Us(16:08)
  1- The World I Always Dreamed Of(07:12)
  2- Wretched Soul(05:00)
  3- All You Need to Know(04:14)
  4- Vapour Trails(08:57)
  5- How Did We Find Our Way(03:56)
  6- I Will Light Up Your Eyes(07:24)
  7- Subside(05:00)
  8- Private Paradise(11:46)
  9- Snowdrops(05:56)
10- Too Much to Lose(14:49)

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With some bands, you miss the spark needed to get into their musical style. For me, this is the case with the two PT-bands: Porcupine Tree and The Pineapple Thief. I saw the latter live on stage once, but I couldn’t get enthusiastic of both their music and their performance. Recently they released 3000 Days, a compilation album that I thought to be a good reason to get deeper into their music.

3000 Days contains twenty songs and some of them really draw my attention. They even made me tap along with the music. A good example is Shoot First reminiscent of the music made by Porcupine Tree. Some songs contain the distinct sound of the mellotron and they brought me in a good mood either. I mention Part Zero that also has an awesome guitar solo, All You Need To Know and Clapham. TPT also knows how to create a strong climax. Listen to Remember Us and you know what I mean. For me, this compilation was a great opportunity to get a summary of their back catalogue consisting of six albums. Their latest release Tightly Unwound is a highly acclaimed album that already opened the door for many people who like prog rock. Their ‘bittersweet’ progressive sound contained elements that I enjoyed. Maybe I can erase one PT from my list now…

*** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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