Philosophobia -

(CD 2022, 53:07, Sensory SR3090)

The tracks:
  1- Thorn In Your Pride(9:26)
  2- I Am(8:38)
  3- Time To Breathe(5:13)
  4- Between The Pines(4:06)
  5- As Light Ceased To Exist(7:55)
  6- Thirteen Years Of Silence(4:57)
  7- Voices Unheard(6:23)
  8- Within My Open Eyes(6:27)

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Philosophobia (meaning: fear of the study of knowledge, right or wrong) is the debut album, of this progressive metal band, featuring past and current members of Kamelot, Pain Of Salvation, Wastefall and Paul Dianno. Philosophobia consists of Andreas Ballnus (guitar), Alex Landenburg (drums), Tobias Weissgerber (keyboards), Domenik Papaemmanouil (vocals) and Kris Gildenlow (bass guitar) and the music is rather complex progressive metal in the veins of bands like Evergrey, Threshold, Pagan's Mind and even some Dream Theater...

Opening track Thorn In Your Pride, the longest track on this album, is an insane one, a truly epic prog metal monster with lots of variety and a four minutes instrumental intro that blew me away; really awesome! Follow up I Am, features a heavy riff and sometimes even reminds me of good “old” Iron Maiden; this song features guest vocalist Damian Wilson, and his vocal performance here is top notch indeed. Time To Breathe opens with a couple of speedy, melodic guitar arpeggios and the layered vocals of Papaemmanouil set the tone for this pure prog metal track, while Between The Pines is a softer song, filled with piano led melodies and a great guitar solo. Within My Open Eyes, the last track, is also a “softer” one, opening with a nice cello melody and lots of orchestration, this is a real laid back and soothing track. Thirteen Years Of Silence is an instrumental track and it features a lot of typical prog metal characteristics as well as psychedelic rock elements and even some jazzy passages, however the best track is called As Light Ceased To Exist; a track filled with so much variety, melody, power, and passion, that this one really stands out for me!!

Philosophobia is a great album and a must for fans of prog metal and bands like Queensryche, Kamelot, Pain Of Salvation, Threshold, Dream Theater and Pagan's Mind, so check it out!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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