Pervy Perkin - Ink

(CD 2014, 64:21 - 55:54, Rock CD Records RCDR 157)

The tracks:
Book Of Equinox
  1- Opening Credits
  2- Of Echoes And Reflections
  3- New Dawn
  4- The Tree In The Sky
  5- Peanut Butterfly
  6- The End Of The Beginning
  7- Falling From Earth
  8- Morphosis
Book Of Solstice
  1- Memories Of The Water
  2- Asleep In A Wormhole
  3- Shades Under A City Lamppost
  4- Far Away Crusade Defending The Colonies of
          Satellite ATLAS
  5- 3:11 AM
  6- S!urm
  7- T.I.M.E. (Part 3 - The Sign On The Wall)
  8- Epilogue

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Reviewing new albums is usually something I look forward to. The first listen always sharpens my senses and a first opinion will be noted. After a few listens,that first important opinion sometimes changes; most of those times the first impression will be positively updated, because of the fact that sometimes music has to grow on you, or due to complexity you were not able to see the complete picture the first time. More difficult to review is the debut album of the young Spanish band Pervy Perkin. Formed in Murcia by guitarist Alvaro Luis, drummer and vocalist Carly Pajaron and guitarist, bass player and vocalist Dante. Later Ugo Fellone was recruited to fulfill the role of keyboardist. In late 2012, the band was preparing to record their first album when a lead vocalist joined by the name of Alejandro Macho. In 2013 Pablo Ask became the band's bass player and Ugo left, due to personal issues.

Now in 2014, the two years of recording has led to the release of Pervy Perkin's debut CD, called Ink. The huge amount of material that was written resulted in not just one single CD, but the music had to be divided over two CDs to capture the two hours of compositions.

Without any doubt, this band is very talented, but I am still searching for the one factor that unites the music to one coherent album. Let me explain: the album's opener Opening Credits is a classical influenced composition mixed with choirs and trumpets, which sounds like a soundtrack for a Sergio Lione movie mixed with Calexico music. Nice, but as an intro to the band's music, five minutes are quite much I guess. The following composition Of Echoes And Reflections seems to have its own lengthy intro as well. This song does grab me, musically; the band arranges parts of traditional music toward electric guitar and the dark and moody vocals sound perfect. When another vocalist takes over-I guess lead vocalist Alex-the higher pitched vocals are more difficult to digest; balancing on the edge of the acceptable. A song like Peanut Butterfly has the influence of Haken, but takes the influences of Haken one step further. Still following me? Where Haken imbeds several styles in their music, Pervy Perkin goes slightly over the top; classical, retro blues guitar and boogie piano all find a place in this sole song. Falling From Earth has a bit of a soundscape atmosphere, well played, but... The most impressive composition on the first CD is the epic Morphosis, where Dream Theater influences pass by as well as the aforementioned Haken. My only negative point is again the high pitched vocal parts, where more and more I get the feeling they are slightly out of tune. But overall, this is quite an impressive composition.

When the second CD begins, my hopes are high, as an emotional guitar solo sets the atmosphere for Memories Of The Water. Vocal-wise the tone is darker and moving towards an alternative rock style. This is a vocal sound I totally love, no need to enter the higher regions you don't master. But, too bad, poor screams take the composition down a bit. More difficult is the weird composition Asleep In A Wormhole, where Spanish rock in the style of Heroes Del Silencio is compromised with a polka rhythm. Shades Under A City Lamppost, can be seen as another soundscape but does not really add anything to the album. Much better is Far Away Crusade Defending The Colonies of Satellite ATLAS, a strong instrumental song with solo spots, referring to Dream Theater again. A sample for a cool and relaxed composition is the very nice 3:11 AM. Too bad some vocal parts take the fun out at the end. The epic on the second CD is called T.I.M.E., a song that builds the tension; a relaxing keyboard-laden start, works towards a guitar driven part that cracks up the power towards an electronic end. A reasonable short instrumental end this two CD pack; nice guitars in a smooth atmosphere.

Resuming; Pervy Perkin is a band with many faces. Some of them are absolutely amazing, others don't really touch me. I guess the band's creativeness goes in so many directions it is hard to see which way Pervy Perkin really wants to go. For me; if the most interesting compositions were put on just one CD, this one would have been a great one. Now, I still don't know what to do with this one. Vocal wise I would like to advise: please be aware of the limitations in your voice and make sure you stay in your comfort zone, this definitely will lift your voice to a higher level.

***+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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