Perfect Beings - Vier

(CD 2018, 72:09, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
  1- Guedra - A New Pyramid(4:55)
  2- Guedra - The Blue Lake of Understanding(2:55)
  3- Guedra - Patience(4:23)
  4- Guedra - Enter the Center(6:09)
  5- The Golden Arc - The Persimmon Tree(7:53)
  6- The Golden Arc - Turn the World Off(2:14)
  7- The Golden Arc - America(1:52)
  8- The Golden Arc - For a Pound Of Flesh(4:49)
  9- Vibrational - The System And Beyond(6:51)
10- Vibrational - Mysteries, Not Answers(2:49)
11- Vibrational - Altars Of The Gods(3:27)
12- Vibrational - Everywhere At Once(1:40)
13- Vibrational - Insomnia(3:31)
14- Anunnaki - Lord Wind(2:04)
15- Anunnaki - Patterns Of Light(3:14)
16- Anunnaki - A Compromise(5:42)
17- Anunnaki - Hissing The Wave Of The Dragon(4:12)
18- Anunnaki - Everything's Falling Apart(3:30)

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Vier is the third album of the American progressive rock band Perfect Beings and what an amazing, outstanding album it is. Vier is a very ambitious album, as it is a double album only containing 4 tracks. So, each side of the LP contains one song and that of course brings back memories of that notorious Yes album Tales From Topographic Oceans, which also “only” featured one song on every side. Perfect Beings consists of: Ryan Hurtgen (vocals, piano), Johannes Luley (guitar, bass guitar), Jesse Nason (keys) and Ben Levin (drums); however the latter has already been replaced by their new drummer Sean Reinert.

This amazing album, which of course has musical characteristics from Yes, consists of four suites and I can tell you that this album has to grow on you. If you listen to Vier for the first time you will probably think, what the f..... but after more intense listening spins you will be “sucked” into the amazing musical world of Perfect Beings. If you listen very carefully you will also hear musical influences from other notorious prog rock bands like Spock's Beard, Steven Wilson, Genesis and even Jean Michel Jarre. I especially like the very melodic guitar solos from Luley in songs like Anunnaki and America. The breathtaking vocals of Hurtgen are also very “dominant” on this excellent album and his voice really adds something special to tracks like For A Pound Of Flesh or Mysteries, Not Answers. This album also features an increased use of brass and woodwind instruments giving the Perfect Beings sound an even more distinguished prog sound.

Vier is a musical prog rock journey full of guts and musical ambition and a MUST for fans of Yes and other prog rock giants. I think that this album will end very high in my top 10 album list of 2018!! Perfect Beings third album Vier is therefore an almost perfect prog rock start of 2018!! Check it, listen to it a lot and play it LOUD!!!! Listening tip: Guedra.

****+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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