Pax Romana -
Let All Men Know - This Is Sacred Ground

(2012, CD, 46.27, Presence Records)

The tracks:
  1- Screaming Heads (Vox Humana)(4:47)
  2- Acheron(5:34)
  3- Batman(3:28)
  4- Let All Men Know - This Is Sacred Ground(4:53)
  5- Second To None(5:53)
  6- Danish Lullaby(5:21)
  7- Soul Basement(4:36)
  8- God's Fruit(5:34)
  9- Blind Eye(6:15)

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Sometimes it takes about a year before an album is discovered by a reviewer. Some CDs take a while to find their way to the music market. With so many releases every month it's hard to get rid of all the trash and find the gems underneath. Once in a while I find one, in this case almost a year after its release. I'm talking about the Finnish band Pax Romana formed in the early seventies. The band members had a sabbatical for a very long period of time, but reunited in 2002. No recordings were made in the old days; their debut album Trace Of Light appeared in 2005 followed by And The Dance Begins Again (2009).

In 2012 Pax Romana recorded their third album called Let All Men Know - This Is Sacred Ground. I won't mention the names of the six Finnish band members, since they all are completely unknown to me. It's far more important what the music is like when you intend to buy this album. Well, I call it excellent neo-prog with classical influences. Pax Romana take you on a journey along a wide range of beautiful music. On this trip you stay overnight at the residences of Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, Camel , Alan Parsons, Neil Young and The Beatles.

I want to mention two songs that really touched my heart. Funny enough these two are the quietest songs on the album, namely two acoustic guitar pieces with beautiful English lyrics and harmonies. Batman tells the touching story of a superhero who's worn-out and 'to damn tired' to save the world. Danish Lullaby is a stunning beautiful ballad about pure love for one's children or grand-children: 'I would transfer mountains and fill up the seas, if I knew how best prepare you for times to come.'

Let All Men Know - This Is Sacred Ground is a brilliant and soulful album made by experienced musicians in both music and life. It's such a pleasure listening to it! I highly recommend it and I dare to say that it will end up high in my personal top ten of 2013!

**** Gert Bruins (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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