Pantommind -
Shade Of Fate / Lunasense

(CD 2011, 50:05, 52:10, DOTT Music, DOTT201022)

The tracks:
Shade Of Fate:
  1- Shade Of Fate(5:14)
  2- Follow Me(4:35)
  3- Closer To You(6:18)
  4- Trace To Find(2:00)
  5- Spectastral(2:32)
  6- The Final Line(7:30)
  7- Why(6:45)
  8- Mindtrip(3:14)
  9- Knocking On My Door(4:09)
10- After Rain(5:06)
11- Orpheus Whisper(2:43)
  1- Transmission part 1(4:00)
  2- Disable Tears(4:23)
  3- Wolf(6:16)
  4- Sandglass(5:52)
  5- Letter To No One(5:08)
  6- To The Days Of Old(5:09)
  7- Blank(6:43)
  8- Transmission Part 2(2:43)
  9- My Home(5:53)
10- I'll Never Be The Same(6:00)

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Pantommind is a Bulgarian band and to date they have recorded three albums. The group consists of singer Tony Ivan, guitar players Peter Vichew and Pete Christ, keyboard player Sunny X and drummer Drago. This release contains a reissue of their latest two albums Shade Of Fate and Lunasense, originally released in 2005 and 2006. Pantommind already exist since 1995 and their music can be described as progressive metal. Their albums got reasonable reviews and meanwhile Pantommind played with rock giants like Fates Warning and Helloween. In addition they also played at the well-known ProgPower Festival in Baarlo, The Netherlands. I really don't know why they released these two albums again and so quickly after the first release. Maybe they want to draw the attention of new listeners, or maybe the band is working on a new album. However, if you like Dream Theater, VandenPlas and Fates Warning then you should give this package a listen; if not, it will be a waste of time!

No rating! Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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