Paidarion - Hauras Silta

(CD 2009, 65:00, Seacrest Oy SCR 1003)

The tracks:
  1- Hauras Silta(5:25)
  2- Polku(3:50)
  3- Oljenkorsi(5:54)
  4- Pieni Askel(4:59)
  5- Eksynyt(3:56)
  6- Kipinat Vedesta(6:14)
  7- Kultapallo(7:57)
  8- Tyhja Takki(4:48)
  9- Tuulensuoja(5:43)
10- Hahmo(6:10)
11- Paivan Kajo Hileessa(5:58)
12- Hauras Silta II(3:19)

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This Finnish musical project is rooted in 2006 when some ‘hidden poems’ were composed and performed acoustically. This was the start of Paidarion in 2006. Two years later the project continued with members of Finnish prog rock bands Mist Season and Progression. In 2009, Paidarion released their debut album Hauras Silta.

Many of the twelve tracks are mellow or start dreamy with wonderful, a bit high-pitched female vocals and pleasant flute play. Halfway, the music often turns into a slow rhythm with delicate synthesizer solos and exciting guitar work from moving and powerful to biting and wah-wah drenched. I’m delighted about the beautiful classical guitar play in the warm track Eksynyt. However, Paidarion also deliver more dynamic and varied music: a swinging rhythm with a funky ‘slap’ bass solo in Polku and a mid-tempo with rock guitar, saxophone and the distinctive Hammond-organ sound in Kipinat Vedesta.

In Tyhja Takki we hear a swinging piano, rock guitar and male vocals, then a swirling Hammond-organ solo and another funky bass solo. Hahmo delivers a long guitar solo with howling runs and lush Hammond-organ while Paivan Kajo Hileessa has some fine work on the fretless bass guitar and beautiful string sounds within a sensitive electric guitar solo.

If you like a progressive blend of folk, classical, jazz and rock, this new band from Finland is worth to check out!

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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