No Pristine Rubbery Perception

(CD 2021, 37:12, Inverse Records)

The tracks:
  1- Rubber Hands, Pt. 0 - Prelude Of The Distant Past(2:49)
  2- Rubber Hands(5:10)
  3- No(4:19)
  4- Rubber Hands, Pt. II - Days(5:00)
  5- Exp(5:11)
  6- It's Never Always(3:53)
  7- Rubber Hands, Pt. III - The Sea Of Streets(5:36)
  8- SunSon (Bonus Track)(5:14)

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PRP is a Finnish duo consisting of Rami Turtianen and Petteri Kurki and No Pristine Rubbery Perception (very weird title by the way...) is their debut album containing seven tracks. Maybe you have heard of Turtianen and Kurki who, together with Jarno Koivunen, play in a band called Grus Paridae.

PRP play heavier songs than the aforementioned trio, just listen to the opening track Rubber Hands Pt. 0 - Prelude Of The Distant Past and you will hear the difference. This instrumental opener sounds rather melancholic, and it is followed by the Porcupine Tree-like Rubber Hands as this is clear and pure heavy, almost metal prog dominated by huge bass riffs. The third song called No is again filled with guitar riffs and noises and so the band continues to play rather heavy, dark music, which you certainly cannot listen to as background music... It's Never Always another instrumental song, this time featuring some acoustic guitar passages, but overall, it is also a rather gloomy song with a dark atmosphere. My favourite song on the album is Rubber Hands Pt.2 - Days, a more than excellent heavy prog song with outstanding vocals and tricky melodies and solos.

PRP is not really a band (duo) that will get a lot of attention in the music business, however if you like dark, gloomy prog rock, sometimes in the veins of early Porcupine Tree then you might give this rather short album a chance, and maybe you are in for a treat or a surprise!!

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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