PPRY - Raising The Skeletons Of Fire By Hand

(CD 2008, 70:25, Musea FGBG 4763)

The tracks:
  1- At the brink of madness(02:31)
  2- The procession forms(10:33)
  3- For the presence of those who are the sentinel(13:21)
  4- The herald and their train(12:29)
  5- A passage to the court prevails(06:07)
  6- As a single word sets forthan ocean of souls(25:49)

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Finnish project PPRY was established in 1993 as a medium for its members to perform all kinds of music. In 2000, they released their debut album Project Forest, followed by Stolen in 2002 both under the temporary name Project. The Italian prog rock label Mellow Records released the latter album in 2005. In 2008, they released their third effort with the somewhat strange title Raising The Skeletons Of Fire By Hand. This is a concept album about what really happened in Sarajevo 1914, according to PPRY and the department of research and study. On the 28th of June, Gravilo Princip assassinated the archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. All the history books tell us that this event was the motive for starting World War I.

The sound on this new album is varied and mostly atmospheric with ominous keyboards, twanging acoustic guitars and a final part with a sensitive electric guitar solo in At The Brink Of Madness. We hear lots of shifting moods, from folky to psychedelic, and wonderful vintage keyboards like Hammond organ and clavinet in The Procession Forms. In For The Presence Of Those Who Are The Sentinel, you can enjoy fiery guitar work, lush organ with spacey synthesizers and a heavy swinging rhythm with flute, synthesizer, Hammond and a Gilmour-like guitar solo. The Herald And Their Tiran is an alternating song with exciting and heavy atmospheres, inventive guitar work and keyboards. A Passage To The Court Prevails features a varied sound with wonderful synthesizer work. The ghost of early Pink Floyd, era 1970-1973, reigns in the long and alternating composition As A Single Word Sets Forth An Ocean Of Souls. This song has some interesting changing atmospheres with compelling work on guitar, Hammond and synthesizers. Itís a pity that the English vocals are mediocre and in some songs, the music sounds a bit too fragmented or it lacks direction. In spite of these remarks, Iím pleased with PPRY and their adventurous blend of several styles that delivers many interesting and sometimes very convincing musical moments.

*** Erik Neuteboom †(edited by Peter Willemsen)

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