Pain Of Salvation -
Road Salt One

(CD 2010, 51:24, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
  1- No Way(5:28)
  2- She Likes To Hide(2:57)
  3- Sisters(6:15)
  4- Dust(2:32)
  5- Tell Me You Don’t Know(2:42)
  6- Sleeping Under The Stars(3:35)
  7- Darkness Of Mine(4:17)
  8- Linoleum(4:55)
  9- Curiosity(3:33)
10- Where It Hurts(4:51)
11- Road Salt(3:00)
12- Innocence(7:15)

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I still like the first two Pain Of Salvation-albums, but after the horrible, utterly boring album Be, I was very sceptic about Daniel Gildenlöw and Co. The album Scarsick was a bit better than Be, but for me it still was a very mediocre prog rock album. Road Salt One, their new album, will definitely not end up in my album top-10 of 2010 as it is again a very weird, dark and obscure album containing many different musical styles. She Likes To Hide is rather bluesy, while Sisters is a tiresome ballad with lots of piano. Dust is filled with church-singing, while Tell Me You Don’t Know almost sounds like a bad song of The Rolling Stones … The music doesn’t grab me at all, even after listening to the album several times. On the contrary, with every spin the songs seem to get on my nerves more and more! The sound of the album is also very peculiar as it has a distinct sound of albums from the seventies. For me this is in fact Be part two and I’m afraid that I won’t listen to new albums of Pain Of Salvation again. I don’t understand Gildenlöw anymore…

*+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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