Parallel Or 90 Degrees - Jitters

(CD 2009, 43.05, OMGTZ00001)

The tracks:
  1- Interlude(2:44)
  2- Stand Alone(5:48)
  3- Threesome(4:32)
  4- Entry Level(5:23)
  5- Backup(5:28)
  6- Jitters(6:23)
  7- The Dock Of The Abyss(6:04)
  8- On The Deck Of Jade(7:04)

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My first acquaintance with PO 90, also known as Parallel Or 90 Degrees, was some ten years ago at a progressive rock festival in Utrecht where they played with Darius (Germany) Jadis (England) and Maryson (Netherlands). Despite the efforts of its keyboardist and leader Andy Tillison, I was, unlike many other people in the audience, not impressed by their performance. I found their music lacking some traditional symphonic elements. The last five years or so, I didnít hear or read much about the band. It seemed that PO 90 took a long break after recording five albums. However, in 2009 there was a sign of life with a compilation album and later on Andy Tillison (piano and guitars) reformed his band with old members Alex King (drums), Matt Clark (bass) and Dan Watts (lead guitar and keyboards).

You can compare Jitters to Numb, the latest album by Blind Ego, but this time with synths, Hammond-organ and piano. From the first note to the last, you hear real progressive rock from a pigheaded band. If you like your prog blended with post-punk, dance, electronics mixed with soundscapes and hard-edged guitars, you should listen to this unconventional album. The lyrics are unique as well. The story is a reaction on Andyís political engagement and convictions. Most impressive tracks are the last three: Jitters, The Dock Of The Abyss, a heavy version of the famous Otis Redding-song Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay, and On The Deck Of Jade.

***†† Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)
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