The Deflowering Of Reality

(CD 2012, 22:18, New Artrock)

The tracks:
  1- Manager Of The Year(8:09)
  2- The Beginning Of The End(5:12)
  3- Teenage Lust(8:57)

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PHI is an Austrian rock trio founded in 2006. A year later they released a demo called Half Hour Universe and in 2011 they finished their full length debut album called For The Love Of Ghosts (see review). After the recording of their debut the keyboard player left PHI, making the band a trio featuring guitars, bass guitar and drums. The three new songs on this EP are rather heavy and could be labelled as alternative rock. The first song Manager Of The Year contains heavy guitar walls, weird vocals and lots of riffs, hooks and twists and turns which make this piece rather complex − or should I say chaotic − and therefore hard to listen to. The Beginning Of The End is a mid-tempo rock track with funky passages and whispering vocals, while the third one Teenage Lust is a true example of alternative rock that reminds me of several British bands in this genre. However, the music is melancholic and rather tiresome at certain points. PHI isn't a bad band at all, but I think they have to grow a little and try to find a better singer. Who knows what could happen then...

**+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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