Orphan Project -
Spooning Out The Sea

(CD 2009, 47:17, NePlusUltra NPU03)

The tracks:
  1- Reach(5:54)
  2- Angel’s Desire(4:15)
  3- Fallen(4:50)
  4- To Me(4:13)
  5- One Dark Moment(5:37)
  6- My Goodness(4:24)
  7- Head On Your Platter(3:03)
  8- Empty Me(5:00)
  9- The Battle Rages On(4:37)
10- Spooning Out The Sea(5:22)

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This American reli-rock band, founded in 2001, released their debut album Orphan Found in June 2003. Now six years later, you can enjoy Spooning Out The Sea, their second full-length album. Again, the album is heavily influenced by Kansas, Spock’s Beard, Yes, Peter Gabriel and many AOR-bands.

Spooning Out The Sea kicks off with Reach, featuring a very catchy chorus and a truly melodic guitar solo. The stunning vocal performance of Shane Lankford really adds something special to this music. Just listen to the bombastic Kansas-like Fallen and you get hooked immediately. To Me is a very guitar driven song with even a metal riff intro, while One Dark Moment, the first single of the band, is a real classic AOR-song. In the power ballad Empty Me, you can hear the finest guitar solo of the entire album played by Scott Spivey. The album ends with the title track featuring lots of piano and even a children’s choir. This album is a ‘must-have’ for all fans of hard rock, prog rock, AOR and reli-rock, especially if you like passionate and distinctive vocal parts.

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)
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