Organic noises -
Organic noises

(CD 2019, 43:15, Lynx Music LM166)

The tracks:
  1- Intro(1:46)
  2- Yarkhushta(7:39)
  3- Hoondz(8:04)
  4- Posic Mamo Roz(9:30)
  5- Dle Yaman(6:34)
  6- Lorik(8:22)
  7- Outro(1:20)

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Band history from the band (Janek) via Facebook. Organic Noises was formed in summer 2016 by Zofia Trystula-Hovhannisyan (oboe, duduk, zurna), Joanna Chudyba (violin) and Jan Rusin (drums). These three musicians decided to play together, because they were fascinated by the Armenian music tradition. After a few weeks Organic Noises grew to a sextet, Karolina Wiercioch (keyboards), Robert Wietcioch (guitar) and Jan Kozlinski (bass) joined the squad. The first song they created together was Yarkhushta, inspired by the original Armenian war dance. The idea of Organic Noises's music was to make a mix of traditional melodies, improvisation and jazz-rock sound. During composition and arranging process, these musicians decided to refresh the repertoire by pieces based on Polish and Balkan traditional melodies. Early 2017 the band recorded their first three songs (Yarkhushta, Erghen Diado and Hoondz) and released it online with a video. Organic Noises played their first concert on 10th of June 2017 on the occasion of the 650th anniversary of the Armenian Diaspory in Poland. Since than they've played many concerts around Poland also taking part in music competitions and festivals. In 2018 piece Yarkhushta was used in The Road, a 12-part TV documentary show produced for Armenian Public TV. In the middle of 2018 Jan Kozlinski left the band, and was replaced by Marcin Chatys (bass, double bass, Moog). The turning point in the band's activity was the Scholarship of The Major of the City of Lublin, given to Jan Rusin in 2018 to record the debut album of the band. They started recording in early 2018 to the end of November 2018 in Krakow. Organic Noises decided to invite guest musicians to join them in the studio. Susanna Jara, Iwona Karcz and Roksana Sadowska recorded vocals to the Pozic Mamo Roz and Dle Yaman pieces and Pawel Chlastawa played on didgeridoo in Pozic Mamo Roz'. The sound of the album was created by Karol Goluch, the sound engineer, guitarist and producer, associated with the Organic Noises from the very beginning. Early 2019 brought a change of the squad.: Karolina Wiercioch and Robert Wiercioch left and soon after Maciej Salus (guitar) joined the band. That situation caused a long process of re-arranging the music material, composing new pieces and regrouping before a new start. In the meantime the band was looking for a record company. Finally their debut album Organic Noises was released on 29th of July 2019 by Lynx Music label. The album has good reviews so far, being distributed in Poland and to seven other countries (Japan, Netherlands, U.S.A, Russia, etc). Also available in all streaming platforms. The near future of the Organic Noises seems to be bright, the band is going to release its first video clip in November 2019, and play first concerts in the new squad during Jazz Bez 2019 Festival in Ukraine at 12-15 December 2019.

Well, when prog blends with ethnic music I love to tune in, especially with prog and flamenco (like Triana, Cai, Alameda) and prog and Andean music (from Los Javias to Supay). So when I read the instrumentation from this interesting Polish formation I got very curious as to how Organic Noises (founded in 2007) sounds. From the very first moment the ethnic hints are obvious, due to the colouring with distinctive instruments. Like the omnipresent duduk (Armenian woodwind instrument, made out of apricot wood) in the short opener Intro. And in the other tracks a zurna (a kind of hobo), shvi (flute) and saz (Turkish guitar), mostly in dynamic atmospheres, with strong interplay. It's sparkling piano, and exciting soli guitar (including biting wah wah) and swirling violin in Yarkhushta (like Mahavishnu Orchestra meets Balkan music). Then rock guitar, fiery violin and sensational pitch bend driven Mini Moog synthesizer in Hoondz. A swinging rhythm with jazzy piano, varied work on the violin (evoking Dutch progfolk band Flairck), along with the sound of the duduk and even a didgeridoo in Posic Mamo Roz. And lots of variety, shifting moods and awesome interplay in Lorik (coloured with the duduk, piano, soaring strings, violin and rock guitar). The composition Dle Yaman is closest to the Armenian ethnic music, what a fascinating sound with mellow keyboards, melancholy duduk, emotional, celestial duo female vocals (Armenian atmosphere), topped with exciting soli on synthesizer and violin, unique music! The final track is Outro featuring the same climate as Intro, emphasizing the ethnic elements on this album.

If you like to discover ethnic music, and you are up to (often improvasional) jazz and jazzrock, Organic Noises will pleasantly surprise you.

**** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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